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How to Place an Order


How do I place an order online?

We are not accepting orders online, however if you found an item you'd like to order just call us at (616) 696-1902. Our website will be updated regularly with new Amish Furniture too, so feel free to visit often.


How do I know what sizes the piece is?

Most of the pieces of furniture displayed here can be ordered in custom sizes and finishes. Many images will have sizes that are typical for that piece. Call or email us today for questions on any sizes of furniture.


How do I know the wood colors or finish colors available?

Because each item can be handcrafted to order it is a good idea to see our wood and furniture finish guide. Because woods can have lighter shades and unique looks, call our store and we'll guide you.


Can the furniture be delivered to my house?

Yes, we can ship or deliver all of our furniture! For specific details on current shipping costs or questions, call or email us today.

Wood & Finish Guide

Just select from the wood samples below to find out the wood type. any questions, call or email us today!

Understanding Finishes

Once construction is complete, a uniform stain is applied by hand to bring out the unique beauty of each type of hardwood — the first in a multi-step finishing process that will result in a stunning piece of furniture.


After stain is applied, the hand-rubbing begins, and continues until a beautiful gloss is achieved. Finally, for extreme durability, three coats of catalyzed heat and- moisture resistant finish are added, making the furniture resistant to water and many other common substances such as milk, alcohol, nail polish, paint, and gum. Often even minor burns from cigarettes or an iron can be removed.


The result is a flawlessly finished collection — tough, durable Amish handcrafted furniture with smooth lustrous surfaces.



Some pieces are finished to order. For more information on what finishes are available for the piece you are interested in, call or email us today. One of our Amish Furniture Experts will connect with you and go over any wood selection or furniture questions you may have.

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