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Our Story


Bears in the Woods Amish Furniture Store was founded in 1985 by the current owners Tim and Geta Brockway.  The name "Bears in the Woods" came from their own original designed furniture and gift items.  The Brockways made and sold their furniture and gift items at art fairs across the country.  They began their business by together building small pieces of furniture while Geta made reproduction teddy bears, thus the name "Bears in the Woods" was very fitting.  While traveling the United States selling their handmade wares, they met and became friends with several Amish builders in different states. The Brockways, being antique collectors themselves, valued the quality of the Amish craftsmanship. Since Michigan had a very limited number of Amish building furniture 30 years ago, the Brockways  decided to open a small  Amish Furniture Store out of their home.  Their home and store is on 45 acres in the country just NW of Cedar Springs, MI.

The original "Bears in the Woods" Store was in a converted garage attached to the Brockway's home.  Within six months they outgrew their little store in the garage. They then converted a 20' x 100' area in their pole barn into the store.  Another six months went by...and they were out of room again!  As they grew, the Brockways would travel to Ohio every two weeks in search of new Amish builders.  While traveling through the back roads of Ohio, they would search for small buildings or barns with piles of sawdust or lumber  outside.  That was how the Brockways started building their long list of suppliers... now numbering over 100 different Amish furniture builders.  Each time the Brockways would make the trip to pick up furniture, there would be several Amish buggies at each stop waiting for them.  These were friends or relatives of their original Amish builders. They also built furniture.  The Brockways would then follow these Amish to their wood shops to see their furniture. That was 30 years ago!  Bears in the Woods certainly grew larger and faster than anyone ever could have ever imagined.

Bears in the Woods Amish Furniture Store now prides itself in having the largest selection of Amish furniture in Michigan.  Their Internet sales are also growing rapidly.  From their website, they are now taking orders online and shipping to many states throughout the country. If you are lucky enough to make it to their store in Michigan, you will find the store to have a very laid-back country store atmosphere.  The store is on a winding country, they are not in a mall.... or even in the city!   A sign at the nearest crossroad and another at the end of their driveway direct customers to the store.  Customers will most likely be greeted at the store by Penny, the Brockway's Old English Sheepdog, who takes her greeter job very seriously!  The store has the appearance of an old country store with a large covered porch on the front of the building.  The building itself which is now 80' by 100' has three rooms... packed and stacked with lots of Amish furniture.  In the 30 years that Bears in the Woods has been in business, they have seen many changes.  One big change is that most of their Amish now build custom order furniture for Bears in the Wood's customers.

Customers can customize their furniture orders to suit their needs.  With Tim Brockway's knowledge of Amish furniture, having worked with them for 30 years...he is able to design special order furniture for Bears in the Woods customers. Another change is the increase in customers doing more internet shopping. As Bears in the Woods internet sales are increasing rapidly, they are striving to keep their personal touch in each and every sale.  Their friendly sales consultants have extensive training and experience in Amish furniture sales.  This assures the owners that every customer can find exactly what they're looking for and receive the personalized service they deserve!  Over the years Bears in the Woods owners and staff has turned the business into a family, with many loyal customers.  Many Amish builders have also become dear friends to  Tim and Geta and Bears in the Woods staff.  The selection of types of wood available, the many different stain colors, the furniture styles and also custom order furniture has changed  since Bears in the Woods began 30 years ago.  And Social Media has surely changed the way business is done.

The quality and craftsmanship of Bears in the Woods Amish Furniture has not changed. With their careful selection of high standard Amish builders, Bears in the Woods has maintained top of the line Amish Furniture selections.

As a customer you can trust and rely on the best service available.  No matter what other changes may come... Bears in the Woods is dedicated to keeping their customer service a priority.


Thank you!


Tim and Geta Brockway

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